ZYZZYVA Review of The Legend’s Daughter

Restless in the Wilds of Eastern Idaho: David Kranes’s ‘The Legend’s Daughter’ BY CHRISTOPHER CONNOR POSTED ON JULY 29, 2013 IN FICTION From rainbow trout jumping in the Salmon River to watering holes on the edge of McCall Lake, each of the ten stories in author and playwright David Kranes’s The Legend’s Daughter (Torrey House


Utah Arts Magazine

Literary Arts: Book Review Fist to the Mouth David Kranes’ The Legend’s Daughterby Larry Menlove As I read one of the stories about halfway through David Kranes’ new collection, The Legend’s Daughter, I became lost in the language: the tangents, the circle-rounds, the free-form understated bombast. I started to wonder if I might need whiskey flowing in


The Legend’s Daughter Review

The Legend’s Daughter STORIES ForeWord Review — Summer 2013 Short story collection filled with dynamic prose and genuine characters amid rugged Idaho landscape. In the opening story in this robust collection of ten, “Where I Am … Where I’ve Been,” two buddies on the last night of their weeklong fishing trip agree, as Clifford explains

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