David Kranes: Playwriting to win

With more than 40 plays to his name, David Kranes most certainly qualifies as a professional playwright. To paraphrase one of William Shakespeare’s most famous lines, however, the play’s not always “the thing.” Be it painting, architecture, prose or even dance, Kranes’ consciousness is caught by so many other passions on the way to his


Radio West Interview on The Legend’s Daughter

In his new collection of short stories, the Utah-based writer David Kranes tests contemporary settlers into the crucible of Utah’s neighbor to the north. Idaho’s rugged landscape – its skies and fires and waters, its elements – forces Kranes’ characters to reexamine and reorient their lives. The West did much the same thing to Kranes


Games of Chance

U professor emeritus David Kranes has a legacy in plays, stories, novels—and casinos. David Kranes was a silent boy. He was always on the sidelines, observing, rarely saying much. On Saturday mornings, he might go to Boston’s University Theater to see a Tom Mix, Roy Rogers, or Gene Autry film. The theater handed out silver

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